Cancellation Policy

Reservation Check-in and Cancellation Process

Reservation & Check-In Process

Classes are available to reserve 2 weeks prior to class through our online booking system fitDegree or by texting 317.883.7644 for assistance.   This is done on a revolving basis (ex: Monday Body Pump 6pm class is available to reserve 14 days prior at 6pm).  Reservations are on a first come, first serve basis.

Please plan accordingly to help us keep you and the studio safe: 

  • Arrive 5-10 minutes before class

  • Use hand sanitizer & clean equipment with wipes provided before and after class

  • Bring your own mat, sweat towel & bottled water please

Please be respectful of class reservations and do not 'hold' a spot until last minute, or make multiple reservations back to back, especially if there is a waitlist for classes.  We obviously want you to be able to do as many workouts as you'd like but also appreciate your understanding we are a small business with limited space.  

Please look at your schedule a few days in advance and make adjustments to reservations - knowing you can book the class closer to time vs 'holding a spot' in case you might not make it. 

Studio 317 Fitness & Cycling has limited space, therefore to ensure as many clients can participate in each class, we adhere to the following class cancellation and "no show" policy:  ​

Class Cancellations and "No Show" Policy

Cancellation is 12 hours minimum for ALL Classes (weekday & weekend)​

Clients may cancel their reservation 12 hours or more before the class start time without penalty. Cancelling under this 12 hour window may record the class reservation as a "Late Cancelation" and a $10 fee may be assessed to a client account for late cancellation.   

Late Cancellations may be done in person or by texting the studio at 317-883-7644.  Please also un-reserve in the booking software, fitDegree to assure the next client gets notified of spot availability.  

A 'no-show' will result in a $10 fee. 

We understand things happen and really do not want to charge you for missing, so please let us know if there is an emergency and we will do our best to work with you.  However, we do appreciate and respect our instructors' time and effort planning your workouts as well as respect for other clients participation in classes. 

The purpose of the Late Cancellation and "No Show" policy is to ensure everyone can participate in class.  We appreciate your support in this goal and making Studio 317 Fitness & Cycling an intimate fitness experience.

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